Perforated Sheet

G.S. Engineering Works Perforated Sheet uses stainless steel, galvanized steel and cold-rolled carbon steel plates as raw materials for production of perforated mesh and screen in the form of sheets, rolls or cylinders. G.S.Engineering Works offers include perforating, bending, rolling, cutting, forming and other processing.

Perforated metal manufactured by G.S. Engineering Works is available in a wide range of sheet metals:
stainless steel


G.S. Engineering Works supplies perforated sheets with options for patterns, hole sizes, margins and blank areas.

Perforated metal sheets are used within industry and agriculture for separating, cleaning, drying and grinding of products such as spices, grain, seeds, stone, gravel and coal and many liquids. Perforated metal sheets are also used for sound attenuating, protective guards for machinery, Electro Static Precipitatiors in Power Plants, heating and ventilating systems as well as for achieving ornamental effects on walls and ceilings. We produce Industrial Perforated Metal Sheets in various sizes, thickness & hole sizes for Industrial & General use.