Straightening Machine

We manufacture  Straightening Machine that is becoming increasingly popular for use in different applications. Their ready adaptability, ease of machining, and aesthetic qualities make them highly suited for use in industries. Meanwhile our reasonable prices are there for you to make a purchase from us.
The machine function is to straighten all the deformed products i.e. (Angles, channels, flats. I-beams, squares etc.) is based on well proven rotary straightening process. The roller of the machine is designed in such way that it will remain in contact of the product, (width and thickness), while straightening process

                          Robust Construction of Machine gives High Level Resistance and stability. The rollers of the machine are arranged in two ways i.e. upper rollers and bottom rollers. By adjusting the Horizontal and Vertical movement of the upper rollers it is very easy to use the machine for different size of the section.